There are way too many WordPress plugins to go through and determine which ones are the best for your online website business. We have reviewed several WordPress plugins within the main categories a business website should be thinking about.

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What are the Best WordPress Page Builders

WordPress page builders are WordPress plugins that allow you to easily drag and drop elements onto a website and edit those elements without any website coding knowledge. They are worth their weight in gold and we highly suggest you upgrade to the pro versions for the best possible website outcome, however if you’re on a budget use the free versions and you will still be just fine.

Elementor Page Builder


Elementor Pro is in my opinion the best WordPress page builder plugin available at the moment. It comes with a ton of features in the free version and the pro version can help you learn web design with no coding knowledge.


Drag and Drop Editor

Easily drag amazing widgets onto your website without knowing any coding. For example, you can add a rotating banner, navigation menu, social icons, and FAQ section with a simple drag and drop.

90+ Widgets

So many widgets are available, like image galleries, lists with icons, template blocks, Hero sections, contact forms, videos, price lists, flip boxes, call to action, and so much more.

CSS – Style Everything

You create amazing designs with the ability to change the colors, fonts styles, width, length, responsiveness, transitions, loading styles, padding, margins, hover effects, typography, header, footer, menu and more.

Beaver Page Builder

Beaver Builder is another WordPress plugin page-building solution. It can do everything mentioned above with Elementor, but maybe with fewer options. The main difference with this plugin is you can pay for the pro version and use it on unlimited websites whereas Elementor has limits based on the pro plan you select.


The Divi WordPress page builder by Elegant Themes is a great solution, similar to the other page builders mentioned. One key difference, is they offer a lifetime plan. If you’re on a budget and need a page builder to create a lot of websites, this may be the plan for you.

What are the Best WordPress Security Plugins

Website security is important to any business website, even more so than others as you protect the personal information of your customers. We’ve listed several WordPress plugins to help you with your security requirements.



The WordFense plugin is a firewall-type plugin that monitors your website. The company itself maintains the largest WordPress malware database in the world. They use this data to block intrusion attempts, detect malicious activity, and provide robust login security for your website.



An amazing firewall that not only detects and blocks attempts to gain access to your website, it sends you a report when it is being attempted so you can take additional steps to secure your website.

Website Security Scan

Rest assured WordFence is working hard to monitor your website by scanning for any malicious code or vulnerable plugins that could cause your website to go down. 

Website Stats and Tools

WordFence provides detailed stats of how many brute force attempts were made on your website and how many were blocked. There are also tools available to lookup IP addresses, live traffic, and diagnostic tests available.


Sucuri offers similar features to WordFence, they also offer to submit blocklist remove requests for your website, and remove website malware. This WordPress security plugin is a little higher priced for the premium version than WordFence.

Hide My WP

This security plugin is worth checking out, it hides your login page, makes it difficult for anyone to look at your source code and know you’re using WordPress, it also offers a security scan system.

WPS Hide Login

While this plugin is not 100% a WordPress security scan plugin, I do consider it a security plugin. It allows you to change your login page URL to anything you want to help prevent people from trying to log into your website.

How to Improve WordPress Website Speed

A fast website, especially in mobile is a ranking factor of Google. It is important that your WordPress website load as quickly as possible and there are WordPress plugins to help with that.

W3 Total Cache


The first WordPress website speed plugin we look at is from W3 Total Cache. The developer of this plugin claims it can provide a 10X speed improvement if properly configured within your website dashboard.

Website Page Caching

This allows your business website to load extremely fast. The first your customers visit your website, it loads like normal, but the next time many of the items on your website will be loaded more quickly because of the cached items already in your web browser.

Lazy Loading

Enabling lazy loading on your website allows large images or sections of your website to lazily load when users scroll through your website which keeps your website fast in the eyes of Google.

Minify CSS and JS

There is a lot happening with your CSS files and Javascript files that you don’t realize. They can be extremely large files, an W3 Total Cache can minimize these files, compress them and remove white space which significantly reduces the over size.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket also offers page caching options as well as GZIP compression which compresses your website files allowing faster content for your website visitors.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache offers all of the options mentioned above as well. They also convert your images to WebP format which is a more compressed image format to help websites with lots of images to load much faster.

What is the Best WordPress Plugin for SEO

Any business website should have an effective SEO WordPress plugin. These plugins help ensure you complete all required meta data such as focus keywords, website page titles, meta descriptions, and more that help you rank within the major search engines.

Rank Math


Rank math is relatively new to the WordPress plugins game but has quickly become a very nice SEO plugin to use. We use it here at Web Design World ourselves, mainly just because we like to achieve a high score on SEO.

Setup Wizard

It provides a setup wizard to walk you through the steps to integrate the SEO plugin within your business website with ease. It will setup your website’s SEO, social profiles, and other important SEO settings.

SEO Google Analytics

 Within the RankMath dashboard is a vert intuitive search console analytics integration. RankMath provides analytics on keyword rankings, indexing issues, sitemap problems, and many items required to help you beat your competition.

Optimization Score

We love the smart optimization score calculator that lets you know your total search engine optimization (SEO) score. The SEO score module will give you recommendations on what to improve and update when you make the recommended changes.

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is a great choice for any business website in need of SEO improvements. We have used Yoast for many years, we just found the RankMath SEO plugin to be lighter weight on the installation files side.

All In One SEO

All-In-One-SEO is another great SEO plugin. It probably integrated the SEO score before the other SEO plugins on this list but is also a heavy installation. It also goes a little further and adds other plugins to the installation that you may want to remove after installation.

What is the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

There was a time we used to have to create our own contact forms in PHP or whatever coding language your website was made from. Thanks to WordPress and the many plugins available you can install a contact form much more easily with great drag and drop features to make it look the way you want.

WP Forms

WP Forms is probably the most popular contact form creation plugin on this list. It offers a lot of great options in the free version and even more in the pro version.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

There is no code required to create a WP Form, you simply drag a field from their list of options and make some minor changes to suit your needs.

Form Templates

This contact plugin comes with some pre-built templates for you to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about any CSS styling.

Tons of Add-ons

WP Forms comes with many add-ons, some free, and others are paid. These add-ons include file uploads, spam protection, user registration, e-commerce payments, newsletters, geolocations, web hooks, and much more. Any business website should consider this WordPress plugn.

Ninja Forms

Similar to WP Forms, Ninja Forms provides an easy user experience with drag and drop forms as well as many of the other mentioned features.


This WordPress plugin is an up-and-coming contact form plugin. It offers a lot of features the previous plugins do not for free. It’s definitely worth checking out.

How Do I Backup My WordPress Website

You have put a lot of time and effort into creating your business website in WordPress and the last thing you want to happen is for the website to crash without a backup. The best backup plugins will allow you to easily reinstall your website.



The duplicator WordPress plugin is made by SnapCreek. We like this plugin for it’s simplistic backup ability and the fact that it creates an installation file for us to easily move our website to another website hosting company if we need to as well as obviously restoring our website should it crash.

Scheduled Website Backups

You can backup your website manually or create a scheduled website backup plan. This is important when you just get to busy to complete all of your tasks, one less task to worry about.

WordPress Site Migration

You can move your website with ease. You simply download two files created by the Duplicator plugin, upload them to your new location and run the installation file which will open a wizard setup walking you step by step through the process.

Cloud Storage

You can store your website backups in the cloud which gives you one more layer of protection. Suppose all of your files are corrupted on your server or your website host bans you, this at least gives you a place to recover your website files.


Like the Duplicator website backup plugin, Updraft Plus also performs scheduled backups, has remote storage options, and additional reporting, monitoring, and scheduling features. 


Jetpack has a lot of products under its name, one of those is a backup product. It allows you to restore your website from a mobile app, migrate your WordPress business website, and even keep it more secure.

Additional Useful Suggestions


Anyone running a website business should have the chrome extension Grammarly installed. It reviews your content as you type it in your articles and provides suggestions as well as spelling corrections. This is an important SEO factor.

Detailed SEO Extension

The chrome extension named Detailed SEO Extension is great for checking a website’s SEO details. It shows you the title of the website page, description, canonical, robot tag, keywords and other important data.

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