How To Create a Website for My Business in 2022

Any business needs a website to provide a professional appearance to their customers and allow their customers the ability to learn about the business and brand. Any business needs a website to provide a professional appearance to their customers and allow their customers the ability to learn about the business and brand.

A website is a valuable asset for any business. It can provide you with the opportunity to reach a wider audience and build a brand. Your website should not be a simple brochure for your company, but rather a place for your customers to learn more about your company and what it offers. It is also important to start your website with a plan.

We will break down some of the most important steps to creating your website. Each section has a video included for your convenience. Feel free to watch the videos and save yourself some time. If you would like to just go straight to all of our publicly released videos, click here.

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Table of Contents

How to Find a Good Domain Name

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Once you decide to build your own website, it’s important to choose a good domain name. The domain name needs to be easy to remember, easy to spell, and easy to say. There are many tools that make this process easier, but the most important tool is your brain. It’s important to remember that you’re not limited to just one domain name. You can choose a name that is related to your company’s value proposition, or the audience you are targeting. When you’re choosing a domain name, the first thing to do is to find a good one. There are many options available to help you find the perfect domain name. Some of the most popular options include Google Domains, Namecheap, and FastDomain.

10 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

  1. It should be easy to spell. Your domain name should avoid hyphens, numbers, or a word that is just hard to spell.
  2. The best domain extension is a .com. You can use any domain extension you want, but the most popular domain extension for your main website is still a .com. Sometimes it may make more sense to use a domain name that works with your business such as a .org, .edu, .gov.
  3. Avoid made-up names. Unless you have a lot of money to brand your business, it’s best you avoid any made-up names. 
  4. Choose a name you can remember. You want people to return to your website, the best way is to be able to remember the website domain name.
  5. Check your domain name before you buy. I had a client once who had a domain name very similar to a branded website, they just added an ‘s’. Well, that branded website was trademarked and sent a legal letter to my client. So check your domain name and make sure you won’t have a legal mess on your hands. You can check for trademarks at USPTO.
  6. Make a name that can grow. If you think you will want to provide a service or product in the future beyond what you start with, avoid a name limited to one product or service. For example, can selling anything, whereas may only sell flags (if is available, buy it, worth a lot of money 🙂 ). I hope I made my point here.
  7. Create an SEO friendly URL if it makes sense. Think about using keywords in your domain name, such as or Also, if your business is limited to a local area like a brick and mortar business, it makes sense to buy a domain name that says, but if you’re servicing nationwide, you’d just want
  8. Choose a short domain name. If you can think of a domain name, it is probably taken these days. Try to find a domain name that is less than three words, the shorter the better. For example, is not available, but is available.
  9. Protect your domain name. Consider registering your domain name for other domain extensions, such as the .org, .net, .biz or even closely spelled words. This will make sure competitors can’t still your traffic, you should redirect any domain names you purchase to your main website.

Where to Buy a Domain Name

There are a lot of domain name registrars out there. Some of them are more expensive than others. These are our choices to buy a domain name:

There are probably hundreds or thousands of domain registrars out there. Just do a search for domain registrars with free privacy protection. We highly recommend do not buy your domain name from the same place as your website hosting.

Where to Buy Premium Domain Names

I probably have a problem, I like to buy premium domain names. is a premium domain name. It is over 20 years old and easy to remember. Another example of a premium domain name is, the minimum offer for that domain name is $25,000, no telling what they want for the domain. Listed below are some great places to find a premium domain.

  • Flippa – This is one of our favorite places to buy a premium domain name. You can usually negotiate the price directly with the seller pretty easily.
  • Expired Domains – This is a large website that is updated every 24 hours with expired domains as well as domains being sold with buy-it-now prices or at auction. 
  • GoDaddy Auctions – You can find tons of domain names for sale here at various prices. 
  • Instant Domain Search – While this isn’t where you buy a domain, it is a great resource to find a domain name. You simply input the keyword for your domain name and it will generate some names as well as show you some premium domains for sale.

Where to Purchase Website Hosting

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To create a website, you need a hosting account. Hosting accounts are generally prepaid and come with a year-long service contract.

When deciding on a hosting provider, do your research and make sure that they offer the features that are most important to you. Some features that may be important for your websites, such as backup services, security, and speed.

What Types of Website Hosting are There

Before you begin checking out our recommendations for website hosting accounts, it’s important that you understand the basic web hosting types available to you.

Shared Hosting – This is the cheapest type of hosting. You share a website server with other websites, while you have your own website space and do not know about the other website spaces on your server. You share all the resources of the webserver with a shared server such as speed and storage. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting – A VPS is a step up from a shared hosting account. You actually get a dedicated space for yourself and do not share that allocation with the other websites on the server. This leads to a faster website depending on the package you select and a dedicated IP address which just builds more trust for your website. We recommend VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting – This type of hosting service is usually the most expensive. You get your own dedicated server and are not sharing the space with anyone. You have complete control over this server, it means you can configure the server with various server applications as you see fit. You usually need more advanced knowledge of this type of hosting, but hosting companies do offer control panels to help manage the server. It’s worth checking out if you have a large business with tons of traffic or offering web applications.

What are the Best Website Hosts

The best website host is a matter of opinion. We off you the ones we think are the best. A great website hosting company offers 24/7 technical support, a great customer server, and is large enough to keep their servers updated to the latest technologies without you experiencing any downtime. Here are some website hosts we think you will like:

  • Ionos – We have been hosting with Ionos for over 10 years now with no issues. They used to be called 1&1. They offer all the best deals including Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. They also offer website hosting for both Linux and Windows. 
  • BlueHost – I consider their plans to be a little on the higher side, but I can’t deny they are a great hosting company.
  • Hostinger – A well-known hosting company that has very few complaints.
  • DreamHost – A hosting company that continues to improve and becomes more popular for small business websites.
  • HostGator – We used to host with Host Gator when we first started out, but the hosting was unreliable. Well, that has changed, Host Gator has seriously improved their game and also offers the most affordable hosting plans.

What is the Best Content Management System (CMS)

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Like website hosting, the best content management system is also a matter of opinion. 

You have people that are loyal to certain systems or they may have never tried something else. 

It is our opinion that WordPress is the best, it is used by over 40% of all people that have a website “On the Planet”. The other CMS platforms are used by only 1% to 3% of users that use a CMS, not all websites, just the ones that have a CMS.

WordPress –  We will start with WordPress since we love it. WordPress is used by over 40% of the entire world that has a website online. That should speak for itself. It is probably the easiest system to keep updated, offers thousands of add-on plugins to improve the performance or make managing the website easier. Since it is so popular, you will find thousands of developers out there that can help you with competitive prices.

Joomla – This CMS has been around for a long time and was one of the first we used when we started out. It has improved over the years, not as user-friendly as WordPress, but a great system.

Drupal – This is a CMS similar to Drupal. It has a large community of users. 

If you would like an online platform that doesn’t require you to maintain a database or other scripts, consider Wix, SquareSpace, and WebFlow.

What are the Most Essential WordPress Plugins

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WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) and thanks to thousands of web developers, there are lots of options available for add-on features through the use of plugins.

You should download whatever plugins you need to allow your website to perform the functions you require. The list of plugins below is focused on some main categories, these are security, website speed, and search engine optimization (SEO).

RankMath – A great search engine optimization (SEO) plugin that gives you tips to improve your website page SEO and gives you a score up to 100 for the improvements.

EWWW Image Optimizer – This plugin will convert your images to the most optimized format in WEBP.

Duplicator – This is a great WordPress backup plugin that will create an installation setup file so you can move your website with a simple step-by-step process just like the WordPress installation setup.

WordFence Security – This is a firewall for your WordPress website that helps stop people from breaking into your website from known IP addresses. It also sends you an email when there’s an issue with your website so you know right away.

WP Fastest Cache – This is a great plugin that speeds up your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to minify your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files by removing the white space. Before you install and configure go to and check out your website score, then install this plugin and see how much it has improved. Make sure you installed the EWWW image optimizer as well.

WPS Hide Login – This WordPress plugin allows you to change your WordPress login URL from wp-admin to anything you would like to prevent people that know you are working on a WordPress website from trying to break into your website.

Elementor – This is the best website page builder WordPress has to offer right now in my opinion. They have a free and pro version.

Essential Addons to Elementor – This company gives you even more options to go with the Elementor WordPress plugin mentioned above.

Envato Elements – They offer some free WordPress templates, but their paid version has a great amount of royalty-free images and other great products for your website.

What are the Best e-Commerce Website Builder Platforms

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All of the content management systems we mentioned above have e-commerce abilities, but maybe you want a dedicated e-commerce platform that was specifically built for e-commerce and selling your products or services online. 

For a paid service, Shopify in our opinion is the best eCommerce platform. In this video, we show you how to set up a free eCommerce platform using WooCommerce which is a great alternative to a paid service. The reason is, that later as you grow you can do more customization on your own open-source website versus a paid platform.

All of the content management systems we mentioned above have e-commerce abilities, but maybe you want a dedicated e-commerce platform that was specifically built for e-commerce and selling your products or services online. 

Shopify – This is probably our favorite e-commerce platform. It is dedicated to helping you sell online, they easily integrate payment gateways and news articles, and they have over 6,000 3rd party applications. 

BigCommerce – Similar to Shopify, they are a very large e-commerce platform.

If you’d like to self-host your website, consider WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and ZenCart.

Find a Website Template or Build from Scratch

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We believe using a website template is perfectly fine. There are millions of templates out there and the odds of you finding a competitor or even any other website you happen to search for using the template you selected or slim to none. A website template can save you hundreds of dollars and has lots of built-in functionality from developers that put a lot of money into it already, which you probably wouldn’t get without spending more money.

If you choose to build a design from scratch, it will cost you more money, but you have the benefit of having something uniquely built around your brand.

  • Themeforest – This is a large website filled with great templates and support services to keep the templates updated based on any updates to your chosen CMS or e-Commerce platform.
  • TemplateMonster – This is an older place to by templates, but is still going strong after many, many years.

Here are some places you can have a website template built from scratch:

  • Upwork – This is a freelance website filled with many higher-quality freelancers than the other websites I mention below, but it will cost you a little more to get work done here.
  • Guru – This is our next best selection for higher-quality work.
  • Freelancer – This is a lower-priced freelancer website, but you can usually find some pretty good deals here.

Create Your Website Structure and Main Pages

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Your website structure is basically how you set up your website content to be viewed by your visitors. A good site structure helps navigate your website visitors where you would like them. You group your content, build internal links on your web pages, and create great website taxonomies using categories and tags, navigation and breadcrumbs throughout your website.

  1. Website Hierarchy – Make a plan on what your top-level pages will be such as Home, Services, Contact. Use some post-it notes if you need to, write out your top-level pages, then figure out if there will be any sub-pages to those higher levels.
  2. Competition – Check out your competition and see what’s working well for them. 
  3. Internal Links – Now that you’ve determined your main website hierarchy, you need to determine what pages will have internal links to other pages within your website. This helps build authoritativeness, which is what search engines are looking for.

A great tool for creating your website structure is Figma. It has gotten quite a buzz around the website design community for building wireframes and can help you with building a great website structure as well. 

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