January 20, 2021

Website Building Basics

Learn the basics of building your own website. You will learn about domain names, website hosting, all of the things needed to get online.

Build a Website Introduction

Learn how to build a website, we have compiled an entire section to help you. You will learn everything you need to know to create a website on your own.

Domain Name Banner

Domain Names

Learn about domain names, what are domain names, where to buy domain names and more.

Website Hosting Plans Banner

Website Hosting

You must have a website hosting account to have a successful website. Purchasing a domain name is only the first step. We will guide you through picking a hosting account for your needs.

Logo Design Banner

Logo Maker

When you build a website, you should consider making a logo as part of your branding. We will explore some of the popular logo makers available.

Hire a Freelancer Banner

Hire a Web Designer or Web Developer

Sometimes you need to hire a freelance web design or web developer to work on your website. We can help you build a basic website and get your idea out there, but you may need extra help for that next level.