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Making a Better Web—One Hotel Lunch at a Time

Has it really been 12 years? It seems like just a dozen.

Since 1997, we’ve helped thousands of Web designers learn what they need to know to make better web sites, manage web projects, and get home at a decent hour.

Yes, yes, but why
“Thunder Lizard”?

We get that a lot. One night, back in the previous century, Thunder Lizard cofounder Steve Roth was working with collaborator Olav Martin Kvern on a book called Real World PageMaker. Looking for a killer line for the book, together they hit upon the following hook:

"This book will make you to PageMaker what Godzilla was to Tokyo — a raging, inexorable thunder lizard of a page maker, letting nothing stand in your way."

We still like the name.

Ours is a simple recipe. Start with great designers and developers who also have that rare gift of being able to teach.  Add more great designers and developers who are in the trenches, creating the web sites, large and small, that we use every day. Mix for two or three days. Serve via HTTP.

We’ve cooked up this dish over 30 times since 1997. Along the way, we’ve also tried to make the web a better place. Back in 1998, for instance, we worked with the Web Standards Project to deliver almost a thousand attendee signatures to Microsoft and Netscape demanding that they adopt web standards. We consider ourselves lucky to be part of the most powerful and inclusive medium in history.

These are interesting times: a combination of technical innovation, audience growth, and crummy economy. As a web designer, you can’t escape any of the three. But you can learn how to keep up with the innovation, take advantage of the growth, and survive the downturn. That’s where we come in. We take our mantra — provide practical, no-fluff, how-to — very seriously. If you’ve joined us before, you know that. If you haven’t, please check us out.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend?
The conference is open to the public.

What meals are included with registration?
For all paid Web Design World attendees, a continental breakfast and lunch is provided on all days that you attend sessions or workshops at the conference.

Will I be able to request special meals (i.e. kosher, vegetarian)?
Yes, you will be prompted for special meal requirements during the registration process.

How can I request assistance with special needs (i.e. hearing impaired)?
You will be prompted to tell us about your special needs during registration. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Where can I find information about Sponsorship opportunities?
If you are interested in sponsoring Web Design World Seattle, please contact please contact Michelle Devereaux at (206) 498-2295.

Can I bring my spouse or companion to the conference?
Due to the business-focused atmosphere of the conference, we respectfully request that, as a conference attendee, you do not bring your spouse or any companion to the conference sessions. Your hotel concierge would be happy to provide information on local attractions and related visitor materials about the Seattle area. Thank you for your understanding.

Where can I find things to do in Seattle?
Visit the official visitor Web site at for information on places to visit and things to do in Seattle.


How can I get from the airport to the Red Lion Hotel?
There are many different transportation options in Seattle, including shuttle buses, taxis, and limousine services. If you would like to pre-arrange transportation to the Red Lion Hotel, contact the hotel’s Concierge Services at 206-971-8000.

The Downtown Airporter is the least expensive transportation between the downtown Seattle hotels and the Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) International Airport, with prices starting at $11.00 one way. You will need to exit the Downtown Airporter shuttle at the Seattle Sheraton (6th Avenue and Pike Street), one block from the Red Lion Hotel.

Taxi service to the Red Lion Hotel from the airport costs approximately $35 to $45 one-way.

Is parking available at the conference hotel?
Yes, self-parking is available at the Red Lion Hotel and prices range from $25 for eight hours to $30 for all day/night parking.


Will there be opportunities for small group discussions?
We have scheduled a welcome reception, a Birds-of-a-Feather luncheon with conference speakers and attendees, and other networking opportunities allowing you to learn and share in smaller group settings. We also encourage attendees to network during meals and breaks.

How can I network with peers who have similar interests?
Be a part of pre-conference networking with paid attendees by checking the "Attendee Networking" box when you register. Prior to the conference you have an opportunity to introduce yourself to other attendees and arrange to meet for lunch, dinner or during other break times to meet and network. You can also connect with other Web Design World Seattle attendees at Facebook, and Twitter.


Do you accept Purchase Orders?
If you would like to use a Purchase Order you may do so when registering online. If you have any questions about using a purchase order please contact our registration department at 1-800-280-6218 or 1-541-346-3537.

Where may I obtain your federal tax ID information for my accounting department?
Please contact the registration office and they will fax or mail a completed W9 form to you. Web Design World's Federal Tax I.D. Number is 20-4583700.

Where can I request a receipt?
You will receive an official receipt with your badge when you check in at the conference. However, if you need a receipt before arriving onsite, you may request one by writing or calling the registration office at 1-800-280-6218. Receipts are processed weekly.

How may I make changes to my registration?
You may request changes to your registration by writing or calling the registration office at 1-800-280-6218 or 1-541-346-3537 or by faxing your request to 1-541-346-3545.

What if I need to cancel my registration?
All requests for cancellation must be sent in writing to the registration office. Requests must be received by the cancellation deadline of June 3, 2009 to qualify for a refund. A cancellation-processing fee of $250 will be charged for each cancellation request. No refunds will be given after June 3, 2009.

If I cancel my conference registration will my hotel room at the Red Lion Hotel be cancelled as well?
No, these are handled separately. Please contact the Red Lion Hotel directly at 206-971-8000 to cancel your room reservation.

May I send someone in my place if I cannot attend?
Yes, you may transfer your registration to another person at any time. Requests must be made in writing and may be emailed or faxed to 1-541-346-3545 or bring the request with you onsite.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?
Yes, if you include your email address you will receive an email acknowledgement of your registration being received in the conference database.

Do you offer any student discounts?
We offer full-time college students from accredited universities a $495 discount off of the full-priced conference registration fees (Passport Package only). To qualify for this discount, please contact the registration office at 1-800-280-6218 or 1-541-346-3537 and be prepared to provide a copy of your student identification card.


Will there be computers with Internet access at the conference?
Yes, the Internet Café and Power Station is available onsite for all attendees.

Will printers be available for attendee use?
Yes, a printer will be available as a part of the Internet Café.

Where do I get the notes for each conference session?
All conference attendees will receive access to Web Design World Seattle session proceedings in advance of the event. Conference registrants will also receive a proceedings CD-ROM on-site. Printed notes are available at the time of registration for an additional $25 fee. Printed notes will be available for the full-day post-conference workshop at no additional cost to passport attendees and those registering for the Workshop Only Pass on Wednesday, July 22.

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