Drill deeper into design during our May 7th workshop day

Our post-conference workshops offer in-depth, focused content covering the gamut, from design and usability to an unrivaled look at the new Adobe Creative Suite 3 product line-up, including Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3 and delivering video with Flash CS3.

Adobe CS3 Focus Day

From Photoshop to Dreamweaver to Flash, it's a CS3 world: Adobe has released the most significant updates ever to the most popular tools in the Web design world.
But in a world of constant deadlines, how do you find time to master the new version of a program? We've tailored the Adobe CS3 Focus Day to address exactly that need: in six tightly focused sessions, you'll get the practical, how-to advice you need to integrate the latest CS3 applications into your workflow. You'll hear from the technical product managers and engineers who built the CS3 applications -- and who, as designers and developers themselves, are familiar with the challenges you face every day.
The Adobe CS3 Focus Day: it's a must for anyone who uses Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, or Flash.

9 a.m.
Photoshop CS3's Greatest Hits
Greg Rewis, Worldwide Senior Evangelist for Web Tools, Adobe Systems

Photoshop CS3 brings dramatic imaging enhancements: non-destructive filters, improved retouching and image-adjustment tools, Zoomify Web export, and much more. Get a guided tour of what's new in CS3, and see how to apply it to all of your digital imaging tasks.

10:15 a.m.

Rapid Prototyping for the Web
Greg Rewis, Worldwide Senior Evangelist for Web Tools, Adobe Systems

In today's fast-paced work environments, it's essential to be able to quickly prototype Web sites, rich Internet applications, or device interfaces so you can get approval and move into production as soon as possible. Adobe Fireworks CS3 has powerful new prototyping features that enable you to create and simulate multi-page navigation, Flash applications, and more. Learn techniques for prototyping with Fireworks CS3.

11:30 a.m.
CSS-Based Layouts with Dreamweaver CS3
Stephanie Sullivan, Founder/Principal, W3Conversions

The latest version of Dreamweaver offers more help than ever to build Web designs entirely with CSS. New, visual CSS tools enable you to move styles within and between files, as well as see how your changes will affect the design. Accelerate your workflow with new CSS layouts, and test your design with the new Browser Compatibility Check. Learn how to choose from the wide array of CSS layouts that are new in CS3, customize them to fit your needs using the CSS panel, and then make the design work across your site.

2 p.m.
CSS Problem Solving with Dreamweaver CS3
Stephanie Sullivan, Founder/Principal, W3Conversions

Nothing is more frustrating than building a beautiful design with CSS, only to have it go haywire in the browsers. Armed with a methodical mind, Browser Compatibility Check, and the CSS Rule Tracker, you can track down the source of any inconsistencies, learn how to work around them, and-if you're "lucky" enough to find a new browser bug--even share what you've learned with others.

In this session, you'll see how to check for browser bug triggers with Browser Compatibility Check; review the cascade with the CSS Rule Tracker; and use Adobe's CSS Advisor site to exchange bug hunting (and fixing) tips with the community.

3:15 p .m.
What's New with Flash: Integration and Workflow
Greg Rewis, Worldwide Senior Evangelist for Web Tools, Adobe Systems

Come see Adobe Flash Professional's new interface, learn how it works with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files, and explore its new Drawing Tool features. In this session, you'll learn how to copy and paste motions into the Actions Panel, use nine-slice scaling, and encode video. We'll also take a look at new components, a better debugger, and tools for testing your mobile Adobe Flash applications.

4:30 p .m.
Encoding and Branding Flash Enabled Video
Greg Rewis, Worldwide Senior Evangelist for Web Tools, Adobe Systems

Learn how to create and deliver interactive content featuring seamlessly integrated video. Create customized players that fit the look and feel of your project. Discover new components, including closed-captioning capabilities. This session will appeal to new Flash users, as well as Flash experts who are newly interested in video.

9 a.m.

iPhone and Mobile Development Workshop

Brian Fling, Director of Strategy, Blue Flavor
Garrett Murray, Senior Developer, Blue Flavor

Mobile phones have been getting smarter for some time now, but the introduction of the Apple iPhone brought the mobile Web into the mainstream — not to mention to the front page of many newspapers.

It's true that the iPhone can display most Web pages exactly as they'd appear on a personal computer. But it's also possible to create Web sites and applications that look and work much like the iPhone's built-in applications. Sites that do are the ones that will win the hearts and fingertips of iPhone users.

In this full-day workshop, conducted by the creators of the wildly popular Leaflets portal for iPhone users (, you'll learn about the kinds of development options and opportunities that the iPhone provides. See how to create an "iPhone-friendly" version of a site, and learn how to create Web applications that match the iPhone's look and feel. Even if you aren't developing for mobile devices just yet, you won't want to miss this workshop. You'll learn solid development practices — with CSS, XHMTL, information architecture, usability, and more — that will improve all your Web design efforts, whether mobile or not. And you'll gain valuable insights into mobile strategy that will prepare you for the next sea change in Web design.

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