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Web Design World Boston is Underway

Web Design World Boston 2004 is now in session! This week at the Seaport Hotel, beauty and brains meet over three compelling days. Attendees are busy diving into breakout sessions and in-depth workshops on strategic design and user-friendly pages while embracing the most sophisticated Web technology available.

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While you're probably already using CSS to specify typographic attributes, consider using them to create menus and other interface elements, and replace awkward tables for page layout. Learn how to create sites that are fast, reliable, compatible, and gorgeous.

In the Web world, design isn't just about making pages that look good. Learn from the experts insights and techniques for interface design, accessibility, global design challenges, and more. Take your design skills—and your sites—to the next level.

Strategy is money. Web budgets are stretched thin, but the expectations of users, bosses, and clients haven't changed. See how to best leverage the latest Web technologies and trends, and learn easy, low-cost ways to improve your site.

Learn how to identify and fix "crisis points" that can trip up your site's users. Find out how users really surf by examining the results of actual user-testing studies. And get practical tips for enhancing your site's usability with JavaScript and CSS.

Interested in Web Design World but reside on the West Coast?

If this is the case, we have good news for you. Web Design World is visiting the Argent Hotel in San Francisco, March 21-23, 2005. The San Francisco program is still under development but information will be posted soon.
Check back at www.ftponline/conferences for updates.

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